Global awareness influences our business decisions, holding us to high standards of integrity, ethics, contribution and accountability in everything we do. We work hard to monitor our own internal operations impact through reduced energy consumption, using recycled materials, and the incorporation of green technologies. We direct our focus on the environmental impact of our suppliers, which we view as essential partners in enabling sustainability.

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Enabling Sustainability
Software Design:

  • Algorithmic efficiency
  • Reduced Resource
  • Usage Scalability
  • Precomputation
  • Encoding Efficiency
  • Minimized Decoding

Eco-Friendly Hard Drives:

  • Reduced Power Consumption
  • Cooler Operation
  • Lower Chemical Contents
  • Variable rotational speeds
  • E-Waste Reduction

Shipping practices:

  • Consideration of Green House Gas Emissions (bio-diesel)

Low Power-Consumption USB Enclosures


  • Recycled Materials
  • Reusable Streamlined
  • Eco-Friendly chemical content

Administration practices:

  • Reduced paper usage
  • Energy Conservation
  • Green leasing conversion
An environmentally friendly philosophy is necessary for businesses striving to become best-in-class.
Here at WorldWide Computer Solutions (WWCS) we strive, in our product designs and component selections, to consider our impact on the environment. We continually evaluate our decisions to reduce our overall environmental footprint. At WWCS, we are committed to keeping our business goals aligned with reducing our impact on the environment.Our suppliers are making great strides in managing their environmental impact. Suppliers such as Intel now produce lead-free CPU’s, IBM provides E-Tools, Toshiba has implemented a goal of raising the eco-efficiency of their products and business processes 10 times by 2050.WWCS is keenly aware of the explosion in E-Waste and it’s impact on the environment. Unfortunately, E-Waste is one of the fastest growing segments of our nation’s waste stream. We encourage our customers to reduce E-Waste through the reuse and refurbishing of their electronics.

Sytore DR provides a simple way to reuse an older computer that is running out of disk space by simply upgrading to a larger hard drive. The replaced hard drive can be used as a second drive in the computer. This saves the disposal of the computer and even the smaller hard drive and will reduce E-Waste. WorldWide Computer Solutions appreciates the efforts our customers make in reducing their environmental footprints. To assist with the on-going Global efforts, Sytore DR enthusiastically lends our support and services to causes that assist in these areas:

  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Environmental Education
  • Community Improvement
  • Environmental Charities