worldsideThe primary motivation that drives everyone at WorldWide Computer Solutions is the desire for our customers to succeed: to succeed in leveraging the technologies they use to their fullest potential; to succeed with delivering a positive experience to their customers and employees; and ultimately, to succeed in their business goals. We measure our success by the success of our customers, and fully believe that each and every one deserves an Enterprise Level of service, whether they have a single computer on a sales counter or a hundred thousand users spread across the globe. The idea that “the same level of technical expertise that a Fortune 100 company enjoys should also be available to every small business we serve”, is a leading tenant at WWCS.

With technologies that are evolving faster than ever, with cyber security threats becoming more and more prevalent, it is crucial that companies partner with a technology advisor that is on the forefront of all aspects of the systems impacting their business. This is why WWCS has brought on Rob Martin as Director of Managed and Cloud Services. As a Cloud Architect at Microsoft, Rob has been an industry leader in helping companies leverage the power of their existing systems alongside cloud based technologies to achieve business results they never could have before. He brings a wealth of knowledge and industry acumen that allows him to mentor and lead the WWCS services team to a level no other provider in the area can match. Under Rob’s leadership, we are now a Tier-1 Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP), allowing us to partner directly with Microsoft to deliver cloud based solutions tailored to each of our customer’s unique needs.

At WWCS, our emphasis is to empower our customers to drive their businesses to new heights leveraging leading technologies. We pride ourselves on being trusted advisors to our customers, guiding them to harness the ever changing technological winds to propel themselves forward. Too often, service providers fall behind technological trends, leaving their customers to react to changes in technology standards, causing pain and stress to their business. Not so with WWCS… we want to empower your employees to leverage the most effective technologies available, to help them navigate the changes and challenges of those technologies, to allow them to drive your business forward without being burdened with the cost involved in learning and implementing an ever changing landscape.   We want what’s best for our customers… because we care… because we want them to excel in our community and beyond.