Main Street Station for Bonds

WWCSI was responsible for the custom development of  a complete Bonds Policy Processing and Administration System for Main Street America that is used by both internal staff and agents.  The system created value for MSA and Agents by reducing cycle time for Bond Issuance and includes an agent tool for automated underwriting of Bonds via a web-based toolkit.   It provides transaction processing and full Administration capabilities that facilitates MSA’s ability to provide superior service and  rapid and cost effective throughput.





We continue to work in a close partnership with MSA, continuing to maintain and enhance the Bonds System.  We are currently in the process of completing  an XML download capability that allows users to download policy information from MSA Group’s system to the agent’s system.  Internal and  external users can generate new bond policies that use automated underwriting, rating and forms generation. The system can also  reprint transactions and update account information and other typical policy information.


“Computer Solutions has been our lead development and maintenance partner over the past nine years.  A true business partner, they have demonstrated a knack for understanding our business needs, creativity in offering solutions to difficult requirements, and relentless focus on delivering quality results even with tight deadlines.  We are thoroughly pleased with the cooperation and results achieved working with Computer Solutions.”

 ~ Brian Beggs, VP of Bonds
The Main Street America Group