SQL Server Administration

The Challenge

SQL Server Administrators are challenged with many important decisions about their SQL environment that affect performance of the corporate applications.

Some of the many concerns facing organizations with SQL Server include: application performance tuning and monitoring, backup and recovery, configuration and licensing.


The Solution

A comprehensive, on-site evaluation of your server environment followed by findings and recommendations to improve your SQL Server installation.

These improvements will improve application performance, mitigate production risks and provide a more robust environment.


The Offering

We will provide the following offering at your location:


Definition (At no cost):

Task: A kickoff meeting to determine project scope
Duration: 1-2 hours
Deliverable: A project proposal



Objective: Determine your SQL Server Administration requirements
Cost: Fixed Fee
Location: Your Site
Duration: Typically Two Days to One Week

Deliverable: Findings and Recommendations Document


Areas of Concern:

  • Optimized backup and recovery strategies
  • Data replication and mirroring
  • Real-time performance and status information
  • Business intelligence planning and reporting
  • Current and future licensing needs
  • Standards and best practices


Typical Recommendations might include:

  • Server Configuration Changes
  • Backup and Recurring Job Changes
  • Database / Table / Index Changes
  • Database Software Upgrades
  • Database and System tuning and Performance
  • Strategy to Define Business Intelligence
  • Strategy to Define Data Model and Business Rules
  • SQL Auditing and Logging