Mr. Greg Vrakatitsis

VP of Sales and Business Development

Worldwide Computer Solutions

310 Marlboro Street

Keene, NH 03431


Dear Greg:


As we wrap up this portion of our systems development project, I want to give you my feedback regarding Worldwide Computer Solutions staff, which has been assisting us. First, let me tell you that they seamlessly merged with our IT staff as though they had been here all along. They participated in our company “stand-up” sessions and were always able to give accurate and honest reports. Secondly, the quality of their work was excellent! Their code and its documentation were at industry standards and exactly what we needed for this project as well as an example of the right way to do it.


Greg, we fully intend on contacting WWCS whenever we need assistance with an opportunity or a problem that we can’t handle. It is nice to have a quality source for IT assistance just down the street.




Jay Pettapiece, President

Vision Financial Corporation